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In December, 23 students braved the long journey to Germany in search of a little Christmas cheer. Passing fields of snow in Belgium heightened the anticipation and having checked into a comfortable youth hostel in Köln, the group wrapped up warmly to explore the first of the Christmas markets. The bells rang out from the imposing and dramatically illuminated cathedral providing the perfect backdrop to the Weihnachtsmarkt, with its twinkling lights, laden stalls and tantalising tastes and smells. Some students eagerly met up with friends from the German exchange and the evening was rounded off with dinner in a local pizzeria.


The second day was spent in Bonn visiting the Haus der Deutschen Geschichte, where the group were given an excellent tour of an exhibition based on Germany’s relationship with the car through the ages. This provided interesting comparisons between cars in the former countries of East and West Germany, considerations of how much a car is an extension of our personality, a look at how cars may be in the future, and even a vote on whether visitors were in agreement that there is no speed limit on German motorways!


Students then bought their own lunch at a third Christmas market and took photos in front of the town hall lit up as a giant advent calendar, before visiting a final market back in Köln. During the trip, students undoubtedly made huge progress in developing their spoken German, as well as completing language work in activity booklets.


Monday signalled the return home with a visit en route to the stimulating Erfahrungsland in Essen – a museum for the senses. Students were able to see how an area of disused coal mines has been transformed into a series of cultural activities and were fascinated by room after room of hands-on experiences that posed endless questions to quizzical minds. Well worth the visit if you are ever in the area!





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