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We had a very successful visit by the detection dogs on Thursday 23rd January. We were delighted with the positive and mature way the students responded to the visit. The dog handler said that the behaviour and co-operation of the students was amongst the best he had seen in any school.


There was a thorough search of the site; this involved searches of the toilets, the changing rooms, lockers, corridors, the playground and around 30 classrooms for students in years 7-11. For each class, students silently filed out of the room past the dog and queued up in the corridor so the dog could sniff their bags and coats in the room. There was no need for any further investigation of a student’s property as the dogs detected nothing to indicate a problem. Similarly, there were no drugs found in any area of the site.


However, we remain very vigilant about the danger of drugs. The moment we think that drug taking can never happen at college is the moment we create the circumstances in which it can happen. We warned our Students of the detection dogs’ visit but we will be planning further, unannounced visits. We will continue to teach students of the dangers of drugs and of criminal exploitation by organisations, like County Lines, which is a drug trafficking practice in rural areas and smaller towns, away from the bigger cities.  Our ultimate aim is to continue to provide and maintain a safe and healthy environment for our students to attend for their education, and we thank our parents very much for their continued support for us in us meeting this aim.



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