How to connect - The web version

Open up your favourite internet browser (Internet Explorer 10 or above or Google Chrome or Safari) and go to or click on the cloud icon on the front page of the Wyvern Website.

You will see the screen below. Enter your network username and password. Make sure you click on the "Connect" button, do not just hit enter on your keyboard.

After a short time your session will connect and you will see the below screen. This is the cloud Dashboard.

From here you can use the "Hosted Applications" menu to reduce the number of shortcut icons you see on your home screen as show below.
The menu's replicate what you are used to at college.

To get to your home folder and the shared areas, click on "My Computer" as shown below.

You can move items between your device and the cloud by using the "My Files" icon at the top of the screen. Full details on this are available to download : Transfering files between my device and the cloud

You can also print to your home printer. Simply click print and select "Remote Printer from Client".

When you have finished your session on the Wyvern Cloud, make sure you click the "Log Off" button at the top right of the screen.