I have been a Wyvern governor for nearly 20 years and it is with great pleasure and pride that I look back over that time and see how the College has improved. I believe that the College is at the heart of our community. It continues to be highly regarded not only for the examination results it achieves, but also for the excellent pastoral care that underpins the day to day life of the College. Wyvern caters for students of all abilities and one of the most important features of the organisation is that it always considers what is best for the student. We care about students’ examination results because they provide a good basis for their future careers. However, we also want students to study a range of subjects and develop a love of learning. In addition, we hope that they will participate in the wide range of extra-curricular opportunities that are on offer and develop into well-rounded citizens of the future.


Governors have a key role to play with a wide range of responsibilities and volunteer to take on the role because they can make a positive difference. By working alongside the Headteacher, staff, parents, and students, we can influence College life and strive for improvement. The Governors represent parents, staff and the wider community and regardless of our background and experience, we all want Wyvern to be the best it can be today, tomorrow and into the future.


Lynda Smith, Chair of Governors


The structure and remit of the Academy Trust, the Governing Body and information of those involved


The academy trust is a company limited by guarantee with no share capital and is an exempt charity. There are five Members of the Trust. They are the Headteacher, the Chair of Governors plus three others and these need not be Governors. Those in post during the academic year 2015/6 were as follows: Mr. Alan Newton (HT), Mr. James Wilson (CoG), Mrs. Helen Douglas (non-governor, appointed 1 January 2016), Mr. Godfrey Glyn (until 31 December 2015), Mr. Dave Mabey and Ms. Lynda Smith. The Members may appoint a governor to the Board of Governors but all other responsibilities for the Academy are taken by the Board.


There are various types of governor, appointed in different ways and from a variety of occupations, so that a cross-section of skills is maintained. They are drawn from the local community and further afield. Each governor serves a term of four years, but may extend this if the Board agrees. Full details of the types and appointment methods are given in the Annual Report & Financial Statements (on this website in the Governors menu). We therefore always have a range of deep experience and new governors. All Members and Governors are expected to declare any outside interest or influence that may conflict with their governance and a fully up to date register of these declarations is maintained. The register as at 1 Sept 2016 can be found in the Governors menu.


The Governors, often known as the Trustees, have many responsibilities but can be summarized into three core functions:

  • setting the strategic direction
  • holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the College
  • ensuring financial health, probity and value for money.

The Board delegates some of its responsibilities to Committees or individuals and the full details of these decisions can be found in the Scheme of Delegation which is also in the Governors menu. The day to day management and running of the College is delegated to the Headteacher. The present Committees in place are as follows: Audit, Curriculum & Standards (C&S), Finance, Pay and Personnel. All governors serve on at least one committee; some have specific responsibilities that may match their specialist skills and most link up with a department within the College to get an insight into its workings and to know the staff.


The full Board meets every half term, as do most committees, and the Chairs of the committees meet regularly with the Members of the Academy, the College Business Manager and other invited governors as a strategic planning group. There are also Panels that have specific duties relating to Student Disciplinary, Staff Disciplinary and Grievance decisions, plus one that measures the Headteacher’s performance against targets set. Occasionally other working groups are formed for specific tasks. Attendance by Governors at the full Board, Committees and Chairs & Members (C&M) meetings was very high at 78% (184 of 237) for the year (excluding HT who attends most of the meetings).

Governors holding position as at 1 September 2017


Listed under their governor type and showing who appointed them.


Other information given in brackets:
Date of appointment and expiry of current term of office;
Committees & Panels they have served on during the year, plus their attendance at FGB, C/tees and C&M meetings during the year;
Specific titled roles (if any) and to which College department they are linked.
(Note: The Committee called Care, Guidance & Support was closed during the year but attendance figures are included)


Headteacher (appointed by right of position)
Alan Newton (No expiry; C/tees: Audit, C&S, Finance, Personnel; Role: Accounting Officer for the Academy Trust)


Community Governors (appointed by Trustees)
Martin Della (May 2012/May 2020; C/tee: C&S; Att: 82% (9 of 11); Role: Responsible Officer; Dept: Maths)
Dave Mabey (Apr 1992/May 2020; C/tees: Finance, Audit, C&M; Att: 100% (20 of 20); Panels: HT Perf; Roles: Vice Chair, College Council Rep; Depts: Art & Drama)
Lynda Smith (Sep 1999/Aug 2019; C/tee: Personnel [chair 2015/6, C&S [chair 2016/7], C&M; Att: 93% (14 of 15); Panels: Stu Dis, Greiv, HT Perf; Depts: English, Site Staff & Library)
Mike Thornton (May 2016/May 2020; C/tees: C&S, Personnel [chair 2016/7], C&M; Att: 100% (2 of 2); Dept: not yet)
Sarah Roberts-Penn (Sept 2017)
Nicholas Couldrey (Sept 2017)
Helen Gunner (Sept 2017)


Local Authority Governor (appointed by Local Authority)


Parent Governors (appointed by parents)
Helen Childs (Nov 2015/Nov 2019; C/tee: C&S; Att: 89% (8 of 9): Roles: Care, Guidance & Support governor; Dept: Music)
Ian Clarke (Nov 2013/Nov 2017; C/tees: Audit [chair], Finance, C&M; Att: 67% (12 of 18); Role: H&S governor, Link dept coordinator; Dept: Design & Technology)
Alan Faux (Nov 2015/Nov 2019; C/tee: C&S; Att: 100% (8 of 8); Role: Governor Training & Development governor 2016/7; Dept: Science & Horticulture)
Jason Oliver (Dec 2012/Dec 2016; C/tee: Personnel, Pay; Att: 80% (8 of 10); Dept: English)
Sarah Knight (Sept 2017)
Andrea Stevens-Hunt (Sept 2017)


Partnership Governors (appointed by Trustees)
Karen Hercock (Jul 1998/Jul 2018; C/tees: Personnel, Pay; Att: 79% (11 of 14); Panels: Stu Disc, Staff Disc, Griev, HT Perf; Role: Special Needs governor, Cross-Campus group rep; Dept: Learning Support)
Mark Perera (May 2016/May 2020; C/tee: Personnel; Att: 100% (1 of 1); Dept: not yet)
Phil Watson (Feb 2008/Jan 2020; C/tee: Finance; Att: 67% (8 of 12); Panels: Staff Disc, Griev; Role: Training Liaison governor 2015/6; Dept: IT)


Staff Governors (appointed by staff)
Katherine Burrows (Nov 2015/Nov 2020; C/tee: Finance; Att: 100% (8 of 8)
Ally Freer (Feb 2014/Feb 2018; C/tee: Personnel; Att: 60% (6 of 10); Dept: Home Tech, Food & Textiles)


Associate Governors (appointed by Trustees)
Norma Walsh (Full Gov – Jan 2008/Assoc Gov – Mar 2018; Specialism: Childcare provision)
Daniel Muijs (Full Gov – Sep 2013/Assoc Gov – Jul 2020; Specialism: Curriculum)


Governor who has served during the preceding academic year but not as at 1 September 2016.
Daniel Muijs (Until Jul 2016)


Emeritus Governor (life-time honour bestowed due to exceptional contribution)
Danny Stupple


If anyone is interested in becoming a Governor, or wishes to make any enquiries concerning governance of the College, please do not hesitate to be in touch. Initial contact should be made to the Clerk to the Governors:
Frances Petrie: f.petrie@wyvern.hants.sch.uk or by writing to her, care of the College address.



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