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In accordance with government guidelines, Wyvern are offering students of Key Workers the opportunity to attend Wyvern during this time of the Coronavirus school closure.

If you need your child to attend Wyvern during this time please email for further information.

Please remember that if children can stay safely at home, they should, to limit the chance of the virus spreading. That is why the government has asked parents to keep their children at home, wherever possible, and asked schools to remain open only for those children who absolutely need to attend.

We are also able to offer students to come in during the Easter break, accept Monday 13th, when the College will be closed.


Dear Parents and Guardians


Yesterday, the government announced that schools will be closed from Monday until further notice and that the GCSE exams, scheduled for this summer, will be cancelled. Today, students have come into college confused, anxious about the future and in most cases, very disappointed. My staff feel the same as I am sure you do too. We have all invested so much into their education and we just don’t want them to feel short changed by it.


First thing today, my Senior Leadership Team and I spoke to all year 11 tutor groups to give them the following key messages, some of which do require us to provide more details later:


  • Students will still get qualifications this year.
  • We don’t yet know how the grading of these qualifications will be decided.
  • We know that GCSE exams won’t determine their grades – these have been cancelled.
  • Year 11 teachers will continue to deliver lessons as normal, today and tomorrow, and will continue to set work for the next 2 weeks. The portfolio of work that students have from working towards their GCSEs could well be used to help determine grades. Therefore, they need to continue to build this portfolio up.
  • For this reason, we are also continuing with the PE and Drama moderations, planned for today and tomorrow.
  • Year 11 work is not just important for getting qualifications; it is also crucial in preparing students for their courses next year. The year 12 courses have been designed to build upon what students have studied in year 11 and will assume students know this work. If students stop work now, they will be ill prepared for the next stage of their education. They cannot afford to have a 5 month gap in their education.
  • Therefore, we will be in contact with our Post 16 providers to find out what your child can do to support their new learning in September. We will look to set this work for them in the months ahead.
  • It is too early to say whether the Prom can go ahead or not. If it is cancelled, we will try to provide a later opportunity for students to wear their prom clothes and to have a proper social function of some sort. I know this sounds vague at present but this is because we just don’t know how the current crisis will play out.
  • It is possible that if the crisis continues for the next 4 months, Yr11 students do not get the chance to be altogether in college again. We will therefore be having a special assembly for them tomorrow during period 5. Students are invited to take photos tomorrow and to bring in spare shirts for their friends and teachers to sign.
  • Unfortunately, we are not able to allow students who are currently self-isolating to attend the assembly tomorrow – in line with the guidance from Public Health England. However, we are happy for students to face time it through a friend who is there.
  • However, even if tomorrow is the last day for year 11, I want them to know they remain Wyvern students until August; my staff and I are still here for them.


For the next two weeks until the Easter break, there will be drop in sessions for students to access advice and guidance on careers and wellbeing with Mrs Gott, Mrs Bruce and Mrs Foster. These sessions will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 11am and 1pm in the library. This will also be an opportunity for girls to collect emergency sanitary products too – the shops are running out.


If any year 11 students would like to drop in for careers or wellbeing advice, it would help if they could email us first to let us know:  Mrs Bruce will also be sending a weekly Post-16 email to year 11 students with practical things they can do to prepare for September.

I will continue to update you with further developments,

With best wishes to you all,


Mr Rule



Dear Parents and Guardians 


The situation on Coronavirus is developing very quickly now and we continue to follow all advice from the Department for Education and Public Health England.


Following the Prime Minister’s changed guidance on Monday, we have seen a big increase in the number of students and staff needing to self-isolate. We have sent some students home because they have either a high temperature or a new and prolonged cough. If your son/daughter has an underlying health condition which is now advised that they need to self-isolate, we will respect your decision to keep them at home. Please notify us in the normal way, indicating how long they will be not be in.  As in my previous letters, these students will not be penalized for being absent.


In the case of staff, self-isolation this has been due to a variety of reasons due to the recent changed in the guidance. We have modelled carefully the expected staffing levels for the next few days, informed by developments in school and nationally. 


We have now reached a critical level of staffing; where possible, we have increased the hours of our part time teachers. Nevertheless, our current staffing projections show that we are not going to be able to teach all classes in the college. Because of this we will be unable to provide effective learning and meet our duty of care for all students. It is therefore with very great regret that college will be partially closed on Thursday 19th March and Friday 20th March.  Year 9 and year 10 students are NOT to come to college on these days. All other students, years 7, 8 & 11 are expected to be in college as normal on these days.


Students will be told of these arrangements at the end of the today.  Please help us to maintain our calm environment by refraining from contacting your son/daughter to notify them of these arrangements.


We have prioritised year 11 students for remaining in college due to the fact their exams are timetabled to begin in a few weeks’ time. We have also chosen to keep year 7 and 8 students in college; they are our youngest students and many would require parental supervision, affecting parents ‘capacity to go to work, with a potential loss in earnings for families. Older students in years 9 and 10 are able to work more independently in their studies.


It is too early for us to project staffing levels for next week, but we will be doing this in the next few days and providing you with an update on any further partial closures for next week and which year groups these would be for. We envisage being able to update you with this information on Friday morning.


If a parent of a year 9 or year 10 students works on the front line of the NHS and is not able to arrange for their child to work at home on these, days, we will be able to supervise a small number of students within College, they will be completing the work set for all students in their year group. If this is your personal position, please email the College,, to let us know you wish to take up this offer of supervision. 


Teachers will be producing work packs for years 9 and 10 students to complete on Thursday and Friday away from College. Details of how the students can access this work will be sent to parents and students. Due to the current pressures on teaching staff, they are unable to send individual set work home for students to complete. In yesterday’s letter I explained that meaningful work, linked to what students are currently studying in their curriculum, can be found online in the Curriculum Maps which are stored under the Parents’ section> Curriculum, on our website.


Students should work their way through the Curriculum Maps for the spring term in those subjects they study at college. They can also do these activities using the autumn term Curriculum Maps in order to recap their work from last term.


These are difficult times for everyone and I hope that you and your family stay safe and well. We will continue to update you.


With best wishes, 



Mr B Rule





Community Provision – Following further updates and the current Government guidance, we need to ensure that non-essential contact with others is stopped.  Therefore, we are suspending Community provision until further notice, this includes all Children’s and Adult Community Courses and Fitness Classes with immediate effect.


Our Sport and Fitness gym will remain open at the present time.


Dear Parents and Guardians,


Yesterday the Government announced a new set of responses to the Coronavirus which will affect the education of Wyvern students.


Firstly, ministers decided that anyone living in the same house as someone with Corona-like symptoms should self-isolate for 14 days. Given that the main two Coronavirus symptoms (a high temperature and a new, persistent cough) are also the symptoms of other illnesses, we anticipate that a growing number of both students and staff will be absent in the days ahead. Some staff and students are already in isolation because either they or a member of their family is displaying these symptoms.


It is really important that you contact us on the first day of your child’s absence, saying clearly the reason for the absence so that we can maintain accurate registers. We have a safeguarding responsibility to students and need to know where they are and how they are. Secondly, the government has announced that staff that are pregnant who have certain underlying medical conditions need to be sent home for a period of 12 weeks.


Taken together, these announcements mean that the college is operating with a depleted staff. In order to ensure that lessons are covered appropriately and that good quality work continues to be set, we have decided to cancel all non-essential activities. We are fortunate that subject teams have high quality lesson planning documents and supporting resources. This means that although your child may not have their usual teacher for a particular set of lessons, they will continue to cover the appropriate curriculum content. By cancelling enrichment activities, we can ensure that cover lessons occur due to staff sickness and there is a higher availability of Wyvern staff to cover the lessons of absent colleagues.


If your son/daughter were due to take part in a trip or event outside of College, from now until Easter only, these have all been cancelled with immediate effect. If a refund of a payment is required, we will contact parents via email on a trip by trip basis, over the coming days, to confirm how this will be done. All after school clubs are also cancelled with immediate effect. Future trips and events will be reviewed after the Easter break.


In an attempt to limit large social gatherings, we have decided to cancel assemblies until further notice and to make alternative arrangements for the Yr 11 parents’ evening scheduled on 24th March. We would like to replace the standard format of parents coming in to meet with teachers, with a system of teachers emailing parents the information they wish to give about students. Further information about this will be sent out to Yr11 Parents. We will review how these arrangements work before finalising the format of the Yr 8 parents’ evening, scheduled for the 31st March.


It is likely that at some point in the days or weeks ahead, the Government will close Wyvern as part of a national shut down of schools and colleges. Equally, it is likely that in the absence of such a shutdown, we will have to partially close the college (for some year groups only) as staffing levels continue to reduce. Clearly, Yr 11 will be our top priority, to remain open for, with their exams just weeks away. Because a closure could be imminent, teachers are ensuring that students take home their books and folders each day.


Staff are working on preparing work packs, which students will be able to use in the event of a college closure. In the meantime, students who are currently at home in isolation, should continue their learning, following at home their normal timetable of lessons where they can. They should access appropriate work from the Curriculum Maps on our website. You can find these in the Parent section> Curriculum. They provide an overview of the term’s learning for each year group in every subject. Students should use the Curriculum Maps in the following ways:


  1. In the curriculum overview section of the map, there are some key questions, which sum up the unit. Students should research answers to these questions, using either the internet or their class work, providing detailed written answers to each question.
  2. In the technical terms section of the maps, there are key subject words. Students should write a glossary of definitions for each of these key words and for each of them, construct a sentence with the term used appropriately in it.
  3. In the revision and retrieval section, there are activities that students should undertake to consolidate their work here.
  4. In the super-curricular activities’ section, there are more detailed reading and written tasks for students to complete.


Students should work their way through the Curriculum Maps for the spring term in those subjects they study at college. They can also do these activities using the autumn term Curriculum Maps in order to recap their work from last term.


To remind you from my previous letter, parents should still report an isolation absence to the college in the normal way, on only the first day of self-isolating, indicating how many days the student will be absent.  We will then not require parents to contact again until the time period has passed. In these circumstances, we will not count their absence as a normal absence; we will not include it in our process of following up low attendance with Hampshire County Council.


Finally, I would like to ask you to continue to support our response to the Coronavirus by reminding your child of the need for thorough hygiene, for organising and supporting their learning if they are at home.


We need to work together to keep our students safe and calm and I therefore appreciate your co-operation with these new measures.


We will continue to update you when we receive further guidance from the Government.


Kind Regards

B Rule



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