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From our Year 10 Student Reporter Amelia MacLennan

After an exciting week of selling tickets for the Easter egg raffle, Mrs Howard and a helpful bunch of Year 7 charity reps and volunteers managed to raise almost two hundred pounds for both the Make A Wish Foundation and the Blue Cross Animal Shelter.

During what can only be described as an exciting assembly, names were picked as Year 7 students joyfully sprung out of their seats, coincidently much like spring chickens, to collect their enticing prizes. However, there were a questioning faces after a few names were picked more than once.

This raffle was not one to be missed and a big thank you and congratulations is in order for all of the wonderful Year 7s who helped make this possible.

Wyvern College GCSE Examination Results 2018


Wyvern is celebrating another high attaining year in terms of its GCSE results, with over three-quarters of its Year 11 leavers achieving the new Grades 4 to 9 in Maths and in English for the second year running in response to the newly reformed GCSE examinations.  With respect to the overlap between the two core subjects, provisionally around 70% of the students crossed this threshold in both English and Mathematics. 


Although we are not in a position to calculate the relatively new ‘Progress 8’ score at this stage – i.e. the national schools’ performance measure which compares the students’ progress from their secondary school starting points as 11-year olds against their peers nationally within a prescribed curriculum – the high attainment right across the curriculum augurs well for a very positive score against this progress measure. It will almost certainly be positive score, but is ultimately dependent on how well other schools have performed nationally.


Retiring Headteacher, Mr Alan Newton, said, “As always, I credit the expertise, experience and diligence of the teaching and support staff.  The high percentages of students achieving the very top grades, including the exceptional new Grade 9 in Maths & English, are testimony to an outstanding teaching input.  But also the work ethic and aspirations of the students have ensured that they have made the most of everything we have provided, from extra after-school and lunchtime revision sessions to Saturday schools.  The vast majority of students have achieved ‘personal bests’ in their GCSEs which speaks volumes about Wyvern as a learning community.”


He went on to express his profound satisfaction with high achievement across a traditional, broad academic curriculum: e.g. Science did very well (both single Sciences and Combined Science GCSEs) as did Computer Science (80% – 9 to 4); Humanities’ subjects, as ever performed exceptionally well (e.g. History 70%), and the arts continue to flourish:  e.g. Music (91%).


Many of Wyvern’s grades were the new top grades of 8 or 9: e.g. in History, RE, Citizenship, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Music and Spanish, between 30-75% of the students sitting these exams achieved these exceptionally high grades, once again demonstrating the College’s ability to establish and meet the highest expectations of its students.


In addition, many of Wyvern’s leavers have also accrued distinguished achievements in what were or still are, as yet, ‘unreformed’ GCSEs, in for example, GCSE French, several Technology GCSEs and Media Studies.


Wyvern is proud of its distinguished history as a comprehensive school and the high attainment of the vast majority of students combined with the high levels of progress of all the young people of the Class of 2018 is a mark of the College’s consistency over many years.

Earlier this term, 31 Wyvern singers travelled to the iconic Royal Albert Hall in London to sing in a mass choir of primary and secondary pupils, as part of a showcase concert by Hampshire’s County Ensembles. The piece ‘My World’ was commissioned especially for the concert and had a theme of protecting our seas and oceans from pollution.


Prior to the final performance, students attended a rehearsal at the Anvil in Basingstoke with all of the singers and the accompanying jazz band.  The children were joined by the actress Sarah Parish who was to be the narrator.


On the following day, the group left early in the morning ready for a final rehearsal at the Albert Hall.  The students were fortunate to be sitting on the stage rather than in the choir stalls, so they had a real sense of performing on stage at this amazing venue.  There were huge television screens behind the group which showed close ups of them singing.  Sitting directly behind the percussion section of the orchestra, it was a fabulous atmosphere and very noisy!


During the actual performance, the singers were joined by 100 dancers.  The students had to work hard to project their voices but the sound was incredible and it was a great success.  For the grand finale, everyone joined in to sing ‘Land of Hope and Glory’, waving union jack flags as hundreds of balloons fell from the ceiling.


All in all, an amazing experience which the students will remember for a long time to come!

The theme for this year’s British Science Week was exploration and discovery.  Young people were encouraged to think about everyday discoveries and how they affect their lives by exploring Science in the world around them, from their home and schools, to their local area and wider environment.


Students at Wyvern certainly enjoyed and embraced the activities completed during this annual celebration of Science.  Year 7 students had a chance to grow their own cropmarks as well as the opportunity to analyse and interpret some common artefacts found at many archaeological sites.


Year 8 students were able to make their own cheese through the ‘coagulation’ of milk, and students discovered that this process was also used as the basis for making plastic out of milk in the early 20th century.  In addition, some Year 8 students took on the challenge of creating a diet plan suitable for an expedition to the Antarctic, with the added task of keeping to very strict dietary and financial requirements.  Many students developed excellent collaboration and leadership skills during this activity.



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