Do not ask how intelligent that child is, ask instead how is that child intelligent.” Professor Howard Gardiner, Harvard University.


Welcome to Wyvern College. Whatever our students aspire to be, we are here to support them. We value each of them, not just for who they are but also for what they can become. Ambitious for them, we challenge them to aim for careers of significance, influence and service, gaining the results needed to work at the best colleges, universities and companies. But we also want them to live lives that are personally enriched and fulfilled and that is why we also seek to develop in them a love of the arts, culture, sport, public service, charity and community involvement.


We believe that every student can succeed, every single one of them without exception, as long as they’re given the right spark to ignite their passion. We also believe that students should enjoy their time at school; that enjoyment is the basis of success.  We see it as our task to draw out of them all that is good within them: their personal qualities, their interests and their talents. None of them should leave school without knowing what their talents are, without achieving something significant with these talents while they’re with us and without a clear pathway to show how they can further develop them when they leave us so they can find success and fulfilment in their lives.


For these reasons we offer our students the most richly personalised education we can:

  1. A curriculum of over 20 options,
  2. A menu of over 30 weekly extra-curricular activities,
  3. Individualised pastoral care and careers advice
  4. Lessons planned and delivered to meet their particular needs.
  5. Regular assessment of their learning.
  6. Careful tracking of their progress.
  7. Helpful feedback on what they’ve done well and how they can improve further.
  8. Close partnership with parents and carers.


All of this is possible because of the quality of our staff. Our most recent Ofsted report praised their infectious passion. What you’ll find here at Wyvern are men and women who love their subject, who love teaching it and who want students to love it too. They’re ready to show them the beauty of art, music and literature, the excitement of sport and drama, the possibilities of technology, computing and design, the magic of science, the power of language and number, the wonders of our world and the mysteries of the past.  Ofsted identified outstanding practice in nearly every subject of the curriculum, based on high expectations which stretch and challenge students; our most innovative areas of teaching and learning are being recognised nationally and adopted by other schools across the country.

I’m very proud of this school and would be delighted to show you in person all it has to offer.


“Education is not filling a bucket but lighting a fire.” William Yeats

Ben Rule

Head teacher


Contact Wyvern

Wyvern College
Botley Road
Fair Oak
SO50 7AN


Tel: 023 80692679

Fax: 023 80603215


DFE Number.  850/4161

Wyvern Academy Trust:

Company No.  8021829

Registered Office: Botley Road, SO50 7AN

Region: England & Wales


Reception Opening Hours: 8:15am to 4:00pm














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Contact Wyvern

Wyvern Community Enterprise
Botley Road
Fair Oak
SO50 7AN


Tel: 023 80692678

Term Time Opening Hours: 

Opening Times: 

Mon: 7.00-11.00 & 15.30-21.30
Tues: 6.30-11.00 & 15.30-21.30
Weds: 6.30-11.00 & 15.30-21.30
Thurs: 7.00-11.00 & 15.30-21.30
Fri: 7.00-11.00 & 15.30-21.30
Sat: 8.00-16.00
Sun: 8.00-16.00


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