The new SIMS Parent App and Website will allow you to monitor your child’s progress in school more closely than ever before. You will have immediate access to your child’s Attendance and Behaviour records, Progress Reports and you will be able to monitor the homework that has been set on a daily basis.


SIMS Parent is an update to our Wyvern Gateway system, which many parents have used for the last few years. The App compliments the use of mobile technology and is more suited to Smartphones and Tablet devices, something which our old system lacked. There will also be a new website to replace the current Wyvern Gateway site, which will be suitable for Desktop and Laptop users and can be used with any web browser on any operating system.


If you already use the Wyvern Gateway you will still be able to access this for a little while, using your current username and password, after the SIMS Parent system has been launched. The information will remain updated, however it will eventually be phased out.


You will not be able to use your Wyvern Gateway username and password to log onto the new SIMS Parent App or Website. Instead you will need to link either a Microsoft (Hotmail,, Office 365), Twitter, Facebook or Google Account to your SIMS Parent account. This will mean that you don’t have to remember another set of usernames and passwords, however please remember that if the account you have linked with SIMS Parent is ever compromised, to ensure the safety of your data you must take action to secure your account by following the advice and instructions of your account provider. Additionally, password resets for these accounts will have to be dealt directly with the account provider.


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