thisTerm@Wyvern Spring 2024


Welcome to the inaugural edition of thisTerm@Wyvern. We are thrilled to launch this new platform to celebrate the remarkable achievements of our students and staff, as well as to keep our college community informed about the exciting happenings within our walls.

From academic accomplishments to extra-curricular triumphs, from innovative initiatives to heartfelt stories, this newsletter aims to shine a spotlight on the diverse talents and accomplishments that make Wyvern College such a vibrant and dynamic place to learn and grow.

Join us on this journey as we showcase the achievements, progress, and spirit of our incredible school community. 

SHREK The Musical

Wyvern College's rendition of "Shrek" transported audiences to a whimsical world filled with ogres, princesses, and fairy-tale creatures, showcasing the immense talent and dedication of over 100 students. Across four enchanting shows spanning three magical days, our school community came together to bring this beloved musical to life in spectacular fashion. From the captivating performances to the live music provided by our talented band, every aspect of the production captivated audiences and left them spellbound.

None of this would have been possible without the exceptional leadership of Mr. Harrison and Miss Wood, whose passion and expertise guided our students to deliver performances that were nothing short of outstanding. Their tireless dedication, alongside the countless other staff and students who contributed their time and talents, truly made "Shrek" a resounding success and a testament to the incredible spirit and creativity of our Wyvern community.

As the curtains closed on this unforgettable production, we are left with memories that will last a lifetime and a profound sense of gratitude for everyone who played a part in making it all possible.

Wyvern Celebrates World Book Day 2024

Wyvern College embraced the magic of literature as staff transformed into beloved characters from the pages of books to celebrate World Book Day. From iconic heroes to mischievous villains, our halls were alive with the spirit of storytelling, inspiring students to embark on literary adventures of their own. As part of our commitment to promoting literacy and fostering a love of reading, this enchanting event encouraged students to engage with the rich tapestry of stories that fuel imagination and ignite curiosity.

Additionally, our library played host to a bustling book fair, offering a treasure trove of literary delights for students to explore and discover. With each turn of the page, we continue to cultivate a culture where books are not just objects, but gateways to new worlds, ideas, and possibilities.

Trips to Inspire

Each term we have trips to locations and events designed to inspire and feed our students' love of learning. Here are some of those held in Spring 2024.

The Globe Theatre

Wyvern College's Year 7 students recently embarked on an unforgettable journey to London's historic Globe Theatre, immersing themselves in the world of Shakespearean drama. The day began with an enchanting tour of the Globe, followed by a workshop led by professional actors. Through hands-on activities and exploration of Shakespeare's language, students gained invaluable insights into the art of performance. This immersive experience not only deepened their understanding of theatre but also ignited a lasting passion for literature and the stage.

Southampton Art Gallery

Our Year 11 GCSE art students enjoyed a day at the art gallery where they had a hands on lesson in wire sculpturing and then were given a guided tour around the collections focusing on the colour blue and red. The museum is free to visit so all students are encouraged to go and enjoy the impressive collection of art that includes paintings from Turner and Lowry.

Fort Nelson

Year 8 students went to Fort Nelson Museum near Portsmouth to help develop their understanding of soldiers’ experiences during World War 1, and providing opportunities to see and handle original British and German artefacts and weapons from World War 1.  Students discovered the real life story of George Weston who lived and trained at the Fort before leaving for the trenches and found out what life was really like for the ordinary man on the Front and the grim realities of healthcare if you were injured.

Marwell Zoo.

The visit took place on a day when students have Geography and coincided with the teaching of a unit on World Environments in Geography lessons.

During their visit pupils followed the ‘Adaptation Trail’ which will guided them on a journey of discovery around the zoo. They found out more about how different animals are suited to their environment. In addition, students examined the impact of the zoo as a tourist attraction and practiced GCSE fieldwork techniques. They were all provided with tailored activity booklets to supplement their learning in lessons.


Wyvern Cluster Vocal Festival 2024

Click here to read our Latest News Article about this much loved annual event.

Friends of Wyvern

Our New Fundraising Association

Wyvern College proudly introduces "Friends of Wyvern," our newly established charity dedicated to enhancing the student experience and enriching the school community. With a vision to create a vibrant network of parents, staff, students, and alumni, Friends of Wyvern held its inaugural Annual General Meeting in January, marking the beginning of an exciting journey towards building a stronger, more supportive school community.

At the heart of our mission is a commitment to fostering collaboration and camaraderie among all members of the Wyvern family. Through fundraising initiatives and community engagement, we strive to create opportunities for everyone to play a meaningful role in shaping the future of our school. By harnessing the collective talents, resources, and passions of our community, we aim to make a lasting impact on the educational experience of every student at Wyvern College.

We are thrilled to announce that our efforts have already begun to bear fruit, thanks to the generous support of a Wyvern parent who was deeply impressed by the talent and dedication displayed by our students in the recent production of "Shrek." Their gracious donation of £3000 towards new audio/visual equipment for the school serves as a shining example of the incredible impact that can be achieved when our community comes together in support of a common goal.

If you share our passion for enhancing the educational experience at Wyvern College and would like to get involved, we invite you to visit our website page or reach out to us via email at Together, we can make a difference and create a brighter future for our students. Join Friends of Wyvern today and be a part of something truly special.

To find out more click here for our Friends of Wyvern page.


Sporting Success

We have had a number of notable sporting successes this term.

Cross Country Success - U12 and U13 Cross Country County Championship were held this week with 5 Wyvern students involved.  The event was held at Down Grange Sports Complex in Basingstoke and all 5 students were representing the Eastleigh and Winchester District. Great performances from all our students.

Basketball Success! Our Under 16 the Southampton east division won without losing a game! We have made it to two finals the district and the Hampshire cup. In the district final we unfortunately lost, but the Hampshire cup final is yet to be played. The students who play in the team come from Year 10 & 11. 

Football Success - Our Year 11 Boys' Team have won the District Cup, beating Westgate 8-2 in the final. Massive congratulations to the team and Mr. Watson their coach.

A Thriving Extra-Curricular Programme


Each week during the spring term 2024 the college offered over 70 extra-curricular activities for our students. Click on the cards to see our vibrant and varied spring term extra-curricular programme.

Wyvern College's Duke of Edinburgh Adventures

Wyvern College's Year 9 and 10 cohort recently embarked on an exhilarating journey through the picturesque landscapes of the New Forest, marking their first longer walk as part of the Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) Award program. Guided by experienced leaders, students learned invaluable navigation skills, tackled river crossings, and engaged in discussions on problem-solving, fostering a spirit of teamwork and resilience along the way.

In addition to their outdoor adventures, students have been actively participating in various sections of the DofE Award, with notable mentions for Amelia, Emma, and Jamie. These exceptional individuals were selected to complete further dementia friend training at Sunnybank Care Home, demonstrating their commitment to community service and empathy towards others.

Meanwhile Georgia, Brooke, Lily and Martha have been volunteering at Winchester City Flyers and received some well deserved recognition for their help (see right).

As the summer term approaches, students are eagerly mapping out their expedition routes in preparation for the assessed expedition challenge—a culmination of their DofE journey. With determination and enthusiasm, they are poised to tackle new challenges, push their boundaries, and make lasting memories in the great outdoors.

Wyvern College also extends a heartfelt congratulations to previous students in Year 11 who have successfully completed their Bronze awards. Bailey, Amelia, Jack, Gabrielle, Floyd, and Ewan have demonstrated dedication, perseverance, and a spirit of adventure throughout their DofE journey, setting a shining example for future participants.

The Breakfast of Champions

Wyvern College proudly hosts its Celebration Breakfasts, where students gather before school to share a meal served by their Pastoral Leader and celebrate achievements big and small. From stellar attendance and punctuality to modeling our school's values and earning achievement points, every student's contribution is recognised and celebrated.

These breakfast gatherings offer more than just a chance to enjoy a meal; they foster camaraderie and connection among students across year groups. It's a time for students to build relationships, feel appreciated, and inspire one another to strive for greatness.

Careers Week @ Wyvern

National Careers Week was on the 4-8th March 2024. We took part in the celebrations by inviting into college a wide range of companies such as NHS, Land Rover, One Horton, BAE Systems, Tandem Electrical, 12cp Barristers Law, Winchester University, Navy, Army, B&Q, Trant Engineering, Dutton Gregory LLP, Eastleigh Council.nc2 Engineering, Surrey Fire Station and Wembley Stadium.

All the year groups throughout the College were very fortunate to have the companies make the time to visit and see them during assembly and in their lessons. Barton Peveril also attended the event, where they did two amazing learning sessions about Psychology and Criminology to our Year 10 Geography students. Alphi Apprenticeship and South Hampshire also did a working workshop with the Year 11 students ensuring that they are prepared to start applying for roles.  

The week hopefully inspired and allowed students to gain ideas of where their future could lead them to. It would not have been able to do the event without the Employers, Admin Team, Teachers, Learning support and Students. A big thank you to everyone you supported the event!

Alumni achievements

Karl Standley- Head Groundsman, Wembley Stadium

Celebrating Success: From Wyvern to Wembley


Wyvern College takes immense pride in the achievements of its former students, and Karl Standley stands as a shining example of the school's commitment to excellence and success. From his years at Wyvern College between 1996 and 2000, Karl embarked on a remarkable journey that has led him to become the Head Groundsman at the iconic Wembley Stadium.

With a National Diploma in Sports Turf/Greenkeeping and Groundsmanship from Sparsholt College, Karl laid the groundwork for a career in sports surface management that would see him rise to the top of his field. His journey began as an Assistant Groundsman at Southampton Football Club, where he honed his skills and expertise over four years, progressing from training ground duties to stadium responsibilities.

In 2009, Karl joined the team at Wembley Stadium as a Groundsman, tasked with maintaining the prestigious Desso Grassmaster pitch to a world-class standard for a multitude of events, including football matches, concerts, and more. Over the years, he demonstrated an unwavering commitment to excellence, overcoming challenges with lay-and-play systems and event schedules to ensure the pitch met the demands of a multi-use stadium.

Karl's dedication and talent did not go unnoticed, and in 2014, he was promoted to Assistant Head Groundsman, where he continued to push the boundaries of groundsmanship and lead his team to new heights. His exemplary leadership and managerial skills led to further advancements, culminating in his appointment as Head Groundsman in 2015.

In his current role at Wembley National Stadium Ltd., Karl leads a team of dedicated grounds staff in ensuring that the pitch at Wembley Stadium remains world-class year-round. From football matches to music concerts and beyond, Karl and his team work tirelessly to deliver a playing surface that exceeds expectations for every event.

Karl's achievements extend beyond Wembley Stadium, as he also serves as a UEFA Stadium Construction and Management Panelist, supporting UEFA in the delivery of playing surfaces for stadiums across Europe. His expertise and dedication have made him a respected figure in the sports industry, and his contributions to groundsmanship have earned him accolades and recognition on a global scale.

As Wyvern College celebrates the success of its alumni, Karl Standley's journey serves as an inspiration to current and future students, demonstrating the transformative power of passion, hard work, and dedication. From his days at Wyvern to his current role at Wembley Stadium, Karl's remarkable achievements exemplify the spirit of excellence that defines the Wyvern community. We congratulate Karl on his success and wish him continued greatness in all his future endeavors.

Read more about Karl's work here: Turfed out? Life as Wembley grounds manager in football's shutdown