Key Stage 4 Results

GCSE Results 2023 – Summary Statement

Wyvern students and staff are celebrating another exceptionally strong set of GCSE examination results. Although the Department for Education has yet to officially confirm national data for the 2023 exams, it is clear that this year Wyvern students have attained higher grades and made more progress from their starting points than students have nationally.



% grades 4 - 9

% grades 5 - 9

% grades 7 - 9









2 x Science GCSEs





Pass rates for good grades (4-9) and strong grades (5-9) continue to be high and our performance was especially strong in the key subjects which make up the governments gold standard Ebacc curriculum:

  • English – 80% grade 4-9

  • Maths – 82% grade 4-9

  • Science – 80% grade 4-9 in two sciences

  • History – 75% grade 4-9

  • Geography – 76% grade 4-9

  • German – 79% grade 4-9

  • Spanish - 95% grade 4-9

47% of our students completed the suite of GCSEs which make up the Ebacc and of these 78% successfully secured the pass grade.

70% of students successfully passed 5 GCSE’s, including English and Maths, which is a very strong performance when compared to historical outcomes.

In addition to strong outcomes in our core subjects we have once again achieved excellent results in the creative subjects; Art & Photography, Drama, Music and Dance. Wyvern has a tradition of excellence in the creative and performing arts and students have once again performed very well in them.

Although the official government comparison of schools’ performance has yet to be published, an analysis of results undertaken by the company SISRA, based on 271,985 students from 1458 schools, shows that at Wyvern students made more progress from their starting points (Year 6 SATs results) than students did nationally. In other words, their grades exceeded those gained by students in other schools with the same starting points. Progress measures were once again especially strong for the Ebacc suite of subjects where SISRA projects the progress 8 score to be +0.2. It is especially strong in the Ebacc courses (+0.5). This means 5 in very 10 students made a whole grade’s progress more than the national average. Once the department for education has published its official data, we will update our website to show these performance measures.


Please access the links below for more performance information and comparative data.