Headteacher's Welcome

 Welcome to Wyvern College. We believe that education is the basis for success in life; We see it as our task to draw out of our students all that is good within them: their personal qualities, their interests and their talents. No student should leave school without knowing what their interests, talents and qualities are, without achieving something significant with them while they’re with us and without a clear pathway to show how they can further develop them when they leave us so they can find success and fulfilment in their lives. With this in mind, our vision statement challenges our students to Think, Grow, Care


  • THINK  deeply, read widely, discuss openly, listen intently. Learn with PRIDe, forever Prepared, Respectful, Involved and Dedicated.

  • GROW  personally in confidence, wellbeing and individuality. Expand your interests and friendships. Develop a conscience and the moral courage to act on it.

  • CARE passionately about people and causes. Appreciate the help of others. Help people through service, team work, kindness and leadership. Make this world a better place as an informed and influential citizen.

We are working hard to make this vision a reality through our curriculum, our lessons, our extra-curricular activities and our relationships with our students. Seeking to work in close partnership with parents and carers, we set high expectations for our students in terms of their attendance, their behaviour and their work. It is because we care about them and want the best for them that we demand the best from them. We also have high expectations of ourselves and continue to reflect on how we can further improve the quality of education we provide. Whether you are a visitor, a students, parent or prospective member of staff, I welcome you to our website and to our college.


Ben Rule

Head teacher



“Education is not filling a bucket but lighting a fire.”   

 William Yeats