Trust Governance

Welcome from the Chair of Wyvern College Governing Body



The College is at the heart of our community and caters for students of all abilities. It is highly regarded for the examination results the students achieve, for the excellent pastoral care that underpins the day-to-day life of the College and the focus on enhancing the students’ personal qualities and talents.

The most important feature underpinning College decisions focuses on what is best for our students. We all care about students’ examination results because they provide a good basis for their future careers. However, we also want students to study a broad range of subjects and develop a love of learning. We hope they will participate in the wide range of extra-curricular opportunities that are on offer. We want them to develop an appreciation of their place in the modern world, because as responsible citizens of the future they can make a positive difference.

Trustees have a key role to play as we have a wide range of responsibilities and volunteer to take on what is a strategic role. The Trustees represent parents, staff and the wider community and regardless of our background and experience, we all want Wyvern to be the best it can be today, tomorrow and into the future. By working with the Headteacher, staff, parents, and students we can all can influence College life and strive for improvement.


Lynda Smith

Chair of Trustees

Chair of Trustees

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