The Library

Wyvern library is open every day of term to support students, we open at 8.00, close at 4.00 (3.30 on Fridays) and at both break times.

Students have access to 9000 resources in the library. This includes revision guides, fiction, upper college fiction, information books – to support the curriculum, hobbies and general interest, as well as books on wellbeing, graphic novels and magazines. There are 20 computers, and 10 laptops available for students to use.

The students also have access to Sora our ebook platform. This gives access to 9000+ ebooks, 1600+ audiobooks and 500+ magazines.

Issues Online is also available for students to access. Issues provides quality resources on contemporary social issues.

Sora and Issues are accessible via Edulink. The route is Edulink, Links – scroll down to either Sora or Issues online, students and staff are automatically signed in.

The library has capacity for 70 students with soft seating areas, computers and space for studying as well as reading. It is a bright, open and modern space. Our books are current and support all areas of the curriculum. We encourage wide reading via our physical books or our e-resources.




Wyvern library catalogue is available via Edulink, you may need to enter your Wyvern email address and Wyvern network password to log in.

From the homepage you can browse Wyvern library’s resources, renew your books, or reserve books. There are recommended reads as well as books of current interest.


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