Vision and Values

Think Grow Care

We aim to inspire our students towards personal accomplishment and fulfilment; to become the finest versions of themselves. We therefore seek to draw out of them their interests, talents, personal qualities and aspirations. We also seek to draw out of them a strong sense of social justice and responsibility: to use all that is good within them to make a difference to the lives of others and to improve the world around them.




Our ambition is that a Wyvern education leads students to


  • Academic accomplishment and fulfilment, provoking thought, curiosity and scholarship.

  • Personal accomplishment and fulfilment so they become happy individuals with social maturity and moral purpose.

  • Appreciation of their place in the modern world, revealing the opportunities it offers them and the responsibilities they owe to it.

  • Self-discipline based upon the PRIDe values: Prepared, Respectful, Involved and Dedicated.