Friends of Wyvern

The ‘Friends of Wyvern’ (FOW) association is a PTA and includes parents, staff, trustees, community and student volunteers.

The main purpose of the FOW will be fundraising to enhance students’ experience and enjoyment of their education during their time with us at Wyvern. 

We intend to form an alumni association as part of FOW to form strong links with our ex-students and to use their skills and expertise to support current students in as many ways as possible.

First AGM


The first meeting is set for Wed 10th January 2024 at 3pm, followed by a working parties meeting at 3:30pm. In the working parties we will share, and work together to develop, our plans for fundraising.

First AGM - AGENDA - January 10th 2023

Care about people
A community that leaves out even one member is no community at all
Dan Wilkins