Holocaust Memorial Day



Holocaust Memorial Day gives us the ability to remember the 6 million Jews who were murdered during the holocaust alongside the millions of people murdered under Nazi persecution of other groups (and in genocides which followed in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur). Every year, Holocaust Memorial Day is on the 27th of January. This is because the 27th marks the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau which was the largest Nazi death camp.

It is also a time when we seek to learn the lessons of the past and recognise that genocide doesn’t take place on its own. Furthermore, it is a steady process which can begin if discrimination, racism, and hatred aren’t prevented or checked. Therefore, it is a time where communities come together to learn more about the past and how to make a safer future.

This year’s theme resolves around the fragility of freedom and how in every genocide that has taken place, those who have been targeted has had their freedoms restricted and or removed. On Holocaust Memorial Day 2024, it allows people to reflect on how fragile freedom is and its vulnerability to people abusing it.

Some of our RPS prefects (Libby, Emma and Evie) created some holocaust memorial pieces of work and you can see them by clicking the links below.


Holocaust Memorials